Using double pedal as a massage tool?


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Anyone ever do this?

Have someone lay on their side and you put the pedal on their back?
Do you use any special beaters?

On a side note it would be fun to set them on female breasts or a butt. *jiggle jiggle jiggle*


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I think you heed to take up a hobby that will occupy your mind a bit more,and reduce your intake of psychotropic substances for a bit.

Maybe knitting with the occasional beer.:)

Steve B


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Double pedal, no, but my wife does like it when I play rudiments and rhythms on her back with sticks. Says it is relaxing.


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This place gets stranger by the day.... I keep telling myself I need to cut the cord and move on.


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I like to play paradiddles and other rudiments on my son's back with my hands when I get the chance (he's now 3). I'm hoping he'll remember the patterns more easily if I do that.