Using a 10'' tom as main rack


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I often play 10/14/20 and sometimes 10/13/18.

The larger kit has deeper toms and is tuned lower for rock. The smaller kit is thinner and shallower, tuned high for jazz. Both 10" toms sound great with the other drums.


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I go from hating all my toms-so get rid of all then realize Nope that doesn't work so add the 16 in floor. Then I have 10 and 13 in toms I rotate so right now the 10 in is up-I'll tire of it and back with 13 in. -rarely will the 10/13/16 be together-they fight a lot like me and my siblings. I just love the 10 in and the 13 in toms but not together.-mainly cause it's like a magnet drawing me to whack on them even when I'm not suppose to LOL.


My favorite practice kit had a 10/15/20 and it was a lot of fun and somewhat easier to come up with new beats.


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10's sound good. I play drums for sound, not the "looks"

I know many people here do, but I record a ton and I go for what fits the music. If my kit looked really really odd or dumb, I'd try and make up for it with fantastic playing. I have seen all kinds of crazy setups. I never think about it twice if the drummer utilizes it. You could put a 6 inch on the rack and a 20 inch tom as a floor and if you make it sound good I'd accept it. Similar to if you have 7 toms and use 2 I'll probibly think your an amature. I watched a guy play a whole gig with a HUGE gong behind him to not hit it. That drove me more nuts than anything.

Use the drums you have, make them sound as good as you can. Don't worry about looks. Also that 10 is not that much different than a 12 at the end of the day. an 8 would be pushing that limit.


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I have been ever since the 10/12/14 or 10/12/16 "fusion" kits came out in the 90's. I actually prefer the pitch and "bite" of the 10" tom vs the 12" and use the 10" tom as my first tom. At least for now.