Uses for triggers- need advice!


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My cover band (in which I play an acoustic kit) just purchased a Roland SPD-SX in order to run backing tracks on a handful of songs. Our Sweetwater rep sold it to us in a package that included 2 free triggers. I am totally new to the world of electronics and am wondering what are some ways I can incorporate the triggers? Whenever I think of triggers I think of metal drummers using them for kick drums and am not entirely sure what else I can use them for.


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You can trigger handclaps, tambourine hits, "low hits" (low pitched noise & rumbly tones with long decay,) claves, etc. Of course those are assignable to pads, you don't really need to use external triggers. handy to have though if you want to augment your acoustic kick with a nice sample.

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This will be a great addition to your A-kit (especially in a cover band situation) if you may need anything any extra effects to jazz up your cover tunes.

If nothing else it saves you having to buy an actual cowbell, tambourine, etc!


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Use triggers for anything,

Clamp one into a mic stand and the singer can play virtual tambourine!

Every sound in the world is available.

Triggers are nothing clever. They're just £1 piezos that produce a voltage when mechanically stressed.