Used Zildjian ZBT - Worth it?


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Well, the $100 ZBT set I was eyeing was in fact sold. Looking all over, there were tons of used ZBT's for sale. None that looked as good as the set I was hoping for so like I said a few posts back, I decided to up my budget a little and just look for something better. And that I did! I had to drive an hour each way to pick them up but I got a used set of Paiste pst 7's (14"hats/16"&18"crash/20"ride) for $225 and in really nice shape. I need to get a couple more cymbal stands but trying them out individually they sound really good and look amazing compared to what I had, super happy!

That's great! The PST7's are significantly superior to the ZBT's. Granted, that was not as great of a deal, but I think they are much better sounding cymbals.


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I found the PST7 better sounding if the set is not against a wall, its near field sound is less refined than the 2002s and might be a turn off to some. They sound better if the walls are far away and in a bigger room, if not the PST 5's sound better near field as they are darker.


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Newbie drummer here too, based on my limited experience you did well. A set of ZHT cymbals was my first "adequate" set, but some of the ZBTs were okay too, I thought. The PST7 set you just got is likely a big upgrade over either of those.
If you like the sound that's even better.
Now, go play. :)


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PST7s are great starter cymbals and would have been my recommendation all along. I think you'll quite like them.

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The Zildjian "I" series has replaced Zildjian's entry line. You can get hats and a crash ride at Sweetwater for about $180. They sound pretty darn good, and you can get a full new set for a little over $300. But, I'm a fan of buying used. I buy on ebay weekly. I have for 20 years. Selling on ebay is a different story.

Look, you might be happy with zbts, sometimes it works out for people when they have a specific sound they want. Like #roncadillac. . .But I don't think that's common. There's a reason you ALWAYS see these cymbals for sale as a set with a kit, it's an easy way to get rid of ALL OF THEM.

You already have an ear, you obviously Know your Pearls sound bad. Your basically moving up one level maybe.

There are other options available. I know your budget isn't huge. Good luck


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I think the I series cymbals sound fine, especially for what they are. After hearing these I think Zildjian has finally begun stepping up their game on budget bronze cymbals. Their low-end lines had been embarrassingly bad for so long I really thought they would never bother trying to keep up with their competition.


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I think I bought a ZBT pack for about $150 a few years back-I wanted the hats actually. I wanted brighter hats and this seemed cheap. I actually like the hats for a bright sound. It also came with 18 in crash/ride and 14 in crash (which wasn't terrible). Now they are thick cymbals which usually isn't my palate. So I'm not fond of either so added rivets to both which they sound better. Now if you me asked would I buy again-no not new but if I found the same set used for 40-60 I'd consider it just for the hats again. My son-in-law uses the ZBT hats now.
I really liked the sound of those PAISTE Dark Energy hats (I think that's the name) in hats showdown video. But having just discovered Heartbeat cymbals and hats I want to hear more recordings of them because they sound fantastic- the ones I've listened so far and have them in sizes up to 16-17 in hats. I'm trying to open a bunch of windows with their recordings to compare different lines of same size 15 in but my internet slow today grrrrr. Since the lockdown I've had terrible GAS.