Used Superkick II vs EMAD Clear

Stefan Brodsky

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After about 7 years, I figured my 20" Clear EMAD had seen it's best days. Removed and installed an older, yet very slightly used clear Aquarian SuperKick II, which I had in storage, since I subsituted the EMAD for it, shortly after getting my kit. I play a 2009 Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Nouveau. Surprisingly, the SKII sounds pretty good. As previously noted in this forum, I run a Carvin kick drum mic (a Shure SM52 knockoff) into a Sub N' Up octavizer, which then gets plugged into a small Behringer bass amp. (It can also go directly into my Behringer PA for gigs). I'm thinking of getting another EMAD or perhaps an EQ4 frosted bass batter, but for the time being, the SKII sounds pretty good mic'd up, and I also saved fifty bucks or so, which wifey likes. I guess now that it's properly mic'd, I don't notice much difference between the two. Anyone else have similar experiences with these two heads?


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SKII was dead to me, and I never ever bought an SK head again. Its great if looking for a very focussed or muffled sound, but not much tone...or 'boom', especially on a 20.
EMAD is nice, I used mine without the foam rings. Good full tone.
My preferred is a PS3.


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The EMAD is so versatile though. I got the best recorded 80’s pop kick sound ever with the wide foam ring and no other muffling. Usually I use the narrow ring and an Evans pillow inside for a little controlled sustain, but with no foam and no muffling you’re as wide open as you’d ever wanna be.

Stefan Brodsky

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One of our local drum shop personnel suggested to me the other day to look into the Aquarian Modern Vintage Coated Superkick heads. They are available with either a piece of felt built in, or an inner ring ala the Remo Powerstrokes. I'm tempted to try one. Has anyone had any experience with these?