used Roland HD3 or new Yamaha DTX402K?


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I'm planning to finally learn some drums after playing bass and guitar a while.

Should I get used Roland HD3 instead of new Yamaha DTX402K?

Both will cost around the same amount.
Roland is supposedly in quite good condition and several years old.
I don't have much money, and I don't want to disturb neighbours(so preferably no drum towers), and I want to have double bass - ofcourse.


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1. Hit both - see what you prefer.
2. Download and read manuals for both - see what features each has that you like.
3. Check ease of expansion - can you add things or will you have to throw away and start again?
4. "I don't have much money " - exactly what money do you have? And where are you?


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Thanks for answer!
At the moment I can only watch videos of the sets. And it's kinda same situation as getting (a random)first bass or guitar.
Downloading manuals is a good idea, I'll do that.
I haven't thought about expansions yet, just learning something more than basic "beat comp" or what it's called. (and some double bass..)
I'm located in Finland. The Yamaha DTX402K would be 370€ new, without throne or sticks. Used Roland HD3 would be 300-350€. That's around how much I'm willing to spend. The DTX402K feels a bit more interesting, because it might be better for learning, but I have to do some more research.


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I tried out a DTX402 and really like it but ended up shelling out for the DTX532 and loved it. I don’t have much experience with the rolands so I can’t really comment, except to say they tend to have good resale value.


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Oh yeah, if I had bigger budget, I would look something of higher price range. But, in the end, I'll be trying drums as total newbie, so.. it'll be just hitting something. Good if DTX402k was likable, it can't be very bad, heh.