used DW kit & ZBT cymbals for 30K ?!?

So you guys were dead on with Chicago....I guess the only question left is...who the hell is "Trips Innocent" ???? LOL

Here is the reply I received:

The only cymbals that were not played on tour by the drummer are the 4 zbt cymbals who were given by him to make up the cymbals he did not include with the set since my understanding was he was in transition to changing over to paste cymbals.
The st was built in 2006 and I believe they were on tour for a total of 3 years.
The drummer is trips innocent and the band is Chicago.

I am including a pic of the front of the set with the bass drum logo from the band and took a couple of pics of some of the extra parts.

OK fine...... $28,500, but only if Tris signs each moon gel in blood

Trip Innocent? lol
I don't think the price of those drums is too outrageous.
I suspect a corporation with lots of dough will fork over for it.
Maybe a company like Hard Rock Cafe.
And the kit sits awaiting a buyer...
I want those King Crimson drums way more... A: Yamaha B: awesome.. and no gaudy gold..