Upsetting the band director...


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This the reason why I don't put the top felts and wing nuts on cymbal stands. I would promptly take off my crash and repeatedly bash him in the head "1, 2, 3, 4! Am I rushing or dragging now, m@therf#cker?!"


Damn, this gave me chills. Reminds me of my beginnings in jazz band in high school as well as my entire drum corps/drumline career. I had some pretty strict yet effective instructors and if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be the player or person I am today.

Would really like to see that movie. That scene though, bit of a "Hollywood" style exaggeration?
Mostly, I think. When I was in an independent WGI drumline (independent as in non-scholastic) we would get sticks thrown at us for stuff like that...Not hard or at our heads, but it definitely happens.


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Oh man, that brings it back! Drumline at UTA many years ago, our instructor got so mad at us (can't remember why) that he threw his sticks across the room and started cursing and yelling at us. Ordinarily he was a pretty passive and nice guy.