Upgrading my pedals

Agreed. I've said it in the past, as I've experimented with all these really cool pedals, I noticed I was making them all feel like my old DW5000, which is the old style Camco and Gretsch Floating Action pedals from years gone by. If I can make all the other pedals feel like "old faithful", and playing it as such, why am I trying other pedals? Live and learn, I guess.
I would love to try them, sadly the music store I go to doesn't have much selection =( The demon drive that I purchased came from an online shop. Also the stop only have limited brand of pedals
If one were to consider something like my DW9002, it's pricey enough that it would be worth driving a few hours to test it out.

It would be worth it in either case if they had a good selection, though. Most serious drum stores I know have at least 20 of the most popular pedals out there already set up along one of the walls to try out.

Make a whole day of it. Get a cup of coffee. Talk with the drum rep. Try everything.
Got some great reviews of that pedals. Again sadly no available DW Pedals in the stores and I think its too pricey for me. It way beyond my budget. I still have to think of the other drum stuff I'll be buying like cymbals and a new kit