Upgrading from XS20's

Hello again

Some users might remember me when I was asking about upgrading to budget cymbals, and I decided, (stupidly) on a set of XS20 rock's which included a free 16" crash.

They sounded average, but I have decided on, yet again upgrading.

I have decided that I'm definetly not buying new, as it is a waste of time.

I've been thinking of some combinations of different cymbals brands for different types of cymbals. e.g zildjian having better sounding rides, but sabian cymbals being stronger, anyone knowing if this true would be useful.

Anyway, contininuing to my original query.

I thought about Sabian HHX Evolution 14" hi hats, and getting an 20" A Custom ride, but I wasn't sure about the crashes. I play rock/alternative and have thought about AAX stage crashes, and possibly Sabian APX crashes, being sustainable for harder hitters.

Any advice will be very grateful, and Thank you in advance

P.S I know a lot of answers will say about my personal preference, so if anyone knows of some websites which can let you preview different brands on one kit,(not just sabian for zildjian for example), this would also be very useful.


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For crashes you may try Sabian AAs medium thin, medium and rock crashes... really good.. good luck..


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I upgraded from B8's to AA's around 5-6 years ago. I play rock, alternative, hard rock etc. I have 18" and 19" rock crashes and a 20" medium crash. They've been good to me. Plus used AA's are usually priced very well.