Upgrade suggestions for TD-K1V?


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Hi good people..

I'm just a beginner been using a basic Roland TD-K1V kit for a few months, and I've gotten bored of most of the kits in it. I tend to only use No.8 which is great, No. 13 sometimes with reggae. Despite the bass pedal being utter wank, I'm pretty keen to stick with this layout for now but expand the kit sound and I think my options are :

1) Better kit, eg TD11K.. love this idea, but layout of current kit is quite handy
2) Purchase another 'brain' that works well with the TD-K1V
3) Buy Superior Drummer, EZ Drummer etc.

I was leaning toward Superior Drummer, but it's expensive even though it's currently on sale (I'd probably want to get the 2x Roots kits (sticks and mallets) with it.) Is it worth it do people rate it much? EZ Drummer demo OTOH seemed a bit pedestrian with it's included kits.

Maybe there's a brain that's good value on the used market that works well with these pads.

Any thoughts?