Upgrade Season!


It's been a minute since I've been active on this forum... life gets in the way. Now that my son is getting ready for high school band, we are spending a lot more time drumming together.

I have the YAMAHA RTC black sparkle 7-piece kit with turbo length toms. It was my dream kit when I was young & took me lots of years to afford it. I've been trying to find additional drums over the years to build the set bigger and until last week, I had only been successful in finding the wood snare drum. I just found an 8x8 & 10x10 to add to my set! Now all I need is a 12x12 to complete it.

Really excited about the new additions and can't wait for them to arrive!


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and welcome to band parenthood!! I am the percussion instructor at our school, so it is cool to see people on the brink of that acitivty


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I remember when they came out... I was in total lust!. I would just sit and look at that hypnogalaxy sparkle and it literally affected my limbs to look at that kit in Modern Drummer ads and my Yamaha catalog. To this day it's one of my all time favorite finishes plus the stretch lugs were just beyond cool on that color. I've seen it on a D.W. small lug kit some years ago and once again that lustful trance set in.


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He got to play the marching snare with the high school at a football game & can't wait for marching band next year!

yep...good old 8th grade ight!!!

Percussion instructor has got to be a dream job! What age are your students?

I do middle school band, all of the percussion stuff at the high school, and then am the coordinator of Percussion for the whole school system. At the high school I do marching band, indoor drumline, concert band, percussion ensembles, jazz band rhythm section, and private lessons for all the kids, which are required

it is a dream job...I am paid -well sort of - to be surrounded by drumming all day. When I was a young kid - like 4 or 5 - I stated that I would be a drummer for a living, and the nit happened


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I just found an 8x8 & 10x10 to add to my set! Now all I need is a 12x12 to complete it.
Yup ..... finding matching add-ons ..... on a discontinued kit, can be a real challenge. I've had some projects come together pretty fast, others take years, and some I end up abandoning. Gotta make it a daily task, to check eBay, Reverb, CraigsList, and Guitar Center used ..... and FaceBook Yamaha group. And sometimes, ya might have to buy a whole kit, just to get the one drum you need (and then sell off the rest).

I've got the early Yamaha 8000 series in real wood (20, 12, 14) so I'm searching for add on's there, especially another floor tom. But I'll happily play it as a 4 piece kit ...... I've got 3 other kits with double floor toms.

My silver/grey badge Stage Customs (discontinued Raven Black with the greensh hue) shell pack came to gether a lot faster. (two 18x15, 22x17, 10x8, 12x8, 12x9, 14x13, 16x16 and snare).

You're kit's real sweet. Gonna have to post some "non=stock" photo's.

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I'm still in love with the power tom era & I search for shells in that depth as much as I can. This kit was everything I was looking for in that era and still to this day.
"Fusion" depths just don't do it for me.


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great kits!! :D


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Looking at a Zildjian K Custom Hybrid 17" Crash. Only need a few more dollars and it's mine.


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"Outdated" or not, I really enjoy my Yamaha set with power toms... It looks and sounds exactly the way I always wanted drums I'd own to look and sound. :)