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So I've acquired a few little upgrades for my kit, which I'm quite proud of and thought I'd share with the interweb.
New batter heads for the toms, Remo coated ambassadors. And a sweet new (used) ride for a sweet price (155), a Sabian 20" AA Medium Ride. I've also downsized for now, removing my 10" tom. Here are the pics.






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nice looking kit man!

but, couple suggestions...

take the cymbals down at least a foot..lol...and put an angle on them!

cause, if you like those cymbals, id do that....you'll have to start liking cracked cymbals if you dont =P

and trust me, ive learned the hard way..



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There's a bit of an optical illusion going on in the first picture. The one crash near the hats is not as high as it seems, I think it's just the angle I shot it at.
I also sit fairly high, so the actual angle I'm hitting them at isn't too extreme, but I'll give it a shot.

Thanks for the feedback.


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hey wolfgang, first time seeing your kit - that finish is just incredible, it looks like hardened lava - its just unholy!
good job, by the way picking up a Sabian on the cheap - that AA has great attack, but stick down a little and it gets sweet...
good drumming man!


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Thanks a lot. The finish looks so retro, I love it.
And I've had a few minutes to try the AA, but I'm already in love lol. Well a finutes of MY AA lol.
My school has the exact same ride, or maybe the medium-heavy equivalent, I can't quite remember offhand, but it's really similar. So I'm familiar with it. That was part of the reason why I picked it out actually. I knew that it was good and would probably sound good with my kit and cymbals, as opposed to another high quality cymbal that I was unfamiliar with.

Thanks for the comments.


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I have always wanted a kit in that finish...I love the look of that, and congrats on the cymbal too.

Speaking of high cymbals, a friend of mine played his low, and when he was touring in the 80's The guy he was working for "Rick Pinnette" said, "You're not working hard enough, get those cymbals higher" And he did and now loves playing that way still 20 years later, His crash cymbals are all about top of head level or higher, he just has to make sure he still has correct angles and hasn't broken one in a long time.