Updated set-up. A few questions


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PDP MX in Emerald Fade

22" x 18" kick drum
8" x 7", 10" x 8", 12" x 9", 14" x 12", 16" x 14" toms
5" x 14" snare drum

14" Paiste Med-Light Traditional Hi-Hats
18", 16" ZBT Crash
20" ZBT Ride
14" Wuhan China

First off, I am wondering what this community thinks of the Bosphorus Turk 22" ride complementing my hats. I'm really leaning towards what I hear on CymbalsOnly.com. And i think that ride would work well with the hats I have now. Also I ADORE flat rides. What would be a nice contrasting flat ride to the Turk? Anyway here are mah pics sorry for phone quality :p




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love the set up, very good for the funky offbeat stuff when you open up your left side, i run a similar set up and really like it, and hopefully Steamer will come along and help with that ride dilemma, great set up and good luck!

wy yung

I like the Zildjian flat rides. I heard a lovely Paiste some time ago as well.

Nice set up.


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Thanks for the comments. I too love the set up as I have it now. I have always liked having a tom on the left side. I first tried my 14" and my 16" but things just didn't work out like I wanted. Thus I moved some stuff around and got the 12" down there. Ahh it opens up so much.

As for Zildjian flat rides. I tried a constantinople flat ride at mah local shop and loved it, but the price tag was a bit to hefty for my wallet.


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in the right context almost any cymbal combination could work . but I don't think that a turk ride would blend very well with your hihat.

I think that it would very more useful to you to have a more versatile ride , like the bosphorus traditional and then buy more peculiar rides for different music situations , but to be honest a medium traditional can be used in almost any musical situation.