UPDATE: Hit Like A Girl Finalist!! :) [Lindsay Artkop]


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Way to go girl. I told you, luck had nothing to do with it. You have a God given talent. Now, give it back with all you got and you will be the winner. Wish I could be there to give you flowers.


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Well deserved, your entry was great! - best of luck with the rest of the competition!


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Wow... Very nice playing. I could watch you for hours.

Congratulations and go get'em.

I'll be sure to vote for you.


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A tad late to the picnic, but WOW! Great job girl!
You deserve this!!


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I listened to quite a few ladies from the competition, only a couple are in the same zip code with Lindsay. Who incidentally ROCKS it!!! You have worked your tail off girl, It shows. Best to you!

I didn't write all the ones down that I felt would make the top 3 or 5, but I think I picked them. A couple of other young ladies had nice technique and chops. Where Lindsay reins supreme is her shear speed and coverage. OMG. I'm like wow, if I ever go all guitar and need a drummer, your hired, lol.


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I've watched a ton of these entries and I'm in no way surprised that you were selected as a finalist. Congrats and keep us posted.


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Congratulations Lindsay - well deserved winner! I remember your entry from last year as well, which stood out because it was great - glad to see you get the recognition this year!


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Amazing! Fantastic! Congrats Lindsey!!! I watched you at least a half a dozen times. I never tired of watching you.

You and a couple of the others did such great jobs. Well, lots of quality performances. But it's easy to like one performance for a set of qualities, and like another performance for another set of qualities. Your strengths, your speed and precision for sure, and the performance was well planned, rehearsed and executed.
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Congrats Lindsay-you deserve it. One down now to capture a win with your Guru Snare drum competition entry, and if you've joined another competition you can go for the grand slam. Oh that's golf.