Update! (Grade 3 exam results)


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Recently I made a thread saying that I had done my grade 3 examination. Some users wanted to know how I did, so...

(The grade 3 I did was with 'RockSchool')

85/100 (Merit, I was 5 marks off of a distinction).

The marks:
First Piece (Maiden Voyage) - 18/20
Second Piece (Rasta Monkey) - 17/20
Third Piece (Old Bones Blues) - 16/20
Technical Exercises - 14/15
Sight Reading/ Improvisation - 9/10
Aural Tests - 7/10
General Musicianship Questions - 4/5

I have also received a fancy certificate!

Grade Boundaries:
Pass - 60/100
Merit - 75/100
Distinction - 90/100


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Many congratulations - really good, solid results and within a gnat's crotchet of a Distinction too! Well done! Thanks for letting us know.