Unusual Rock Fills Examples?


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Hi Folks,
I'm looking for examples of 'out of the box' type fills that caught you off guard. I'm not talking about EPIC fills that just sound cool or 'standard fills' (pat boon debbie boon, etc) which are well executed and sound right for the song. Most of the time, I can predict the general shape and location of a fill for a rock song, but sometimes there are fills which defy expectations; they can come in at odd points, or odd lengths (e.g. over the bar) or I just can't figure out where the drummer is coming from, but they still sound great.

Some examples I'm thinking of:

Red Rider, Lunatic Fringe: The fills, almost soloing which ends the track. It's not difficult, but it is pretty cool and unexpected (to me)

Average White Band, Cut the Cake - Steve Ferrone is amazing

The Police, - Stuart Copeland is a real enigma. I can never reliably predict his fills. They seem to come at you from some strange angle to the universe. There are hundreds of his fills to choose from. Here are a couple I like:

Driven to Tears, Walking on the Moon:

I'd like to stick to the basic Rock/Pop genre. No Jazz, Fusion, Prog, or Metal please. I know there are lots of cool fils in those genres, but for me it's interesting to see what can be done within the 'constraints' of a straightforward groove, not heavily improvisational, and without odd time signatures. Thanks!