Unusual depths

Netz Ausg

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I've been doing some idle thinking...

Most kits these days come with 1" or 0.5" depth difference between the rack toms. This makes sense as whilst the pitch changes accordingly the quality of tone and projection stays consistent.

I play a 8"x10" and 10"x12" rack set up, which you don't see all that often (though Lars Ulrich does play these sizes I have subsequently discovered).

What I've been wondering is - what if I took this to the next level and had a 6"x8" rack. Being so small would it be too incongruent with the other drums, or would it just follow the obvious pattern? Otherwise it'd be a 8"x8" or a less common 7"x7". I don't think the 8" depth would work for me aestheticly, as I like the look of ascending depths on the rack toms.



I use 8" rack toms on three of my kits. On my Starclassic Bubinga drums I have an 8" x 7". On my Gretsch Renowns I also use an 8 x 7, but with my Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute kit I went with an 8" x 8" rack tom. I just felt that it's sound output was just a little more aggressive than the 7" depth for these particular drums of this diameter, with this particular kit. The 8 x 8 tom in my opinion doesn't take anything away from the aesthetics of the rest of the drums. Get what sounds better to you. With anything, it's always the sound.

These rack toms are 8 x 8, 10 x 8 and 12 x 9.