Unusual cymbal setup


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I learned to play drums on ancient equipment. The beginner cymbals I'm familiar with sound closer to garbage can lids than actual cymbals. So compared to cymbals like Camber, Sabian's B8s are godly in my eyes, even after hearing Zildjian As, and things of that sort.

I've always been very fond of large cymbals, so when I recently had the chance to purchase a Sabian B8 ride and a Zildjian ZBT ride, I planned to follow up with a 22" ZHT ride. My setup now consists of the ZBT ride as my main crash, and the B8 ride as my secondary crash. And then of course I have the ZHT with a little gaffers on the underside to dry it out.

So in short, I'm not crazy about the ZBT or B8 as RIDE cymbals, but I think they do a great job fitting the bill as crashes. Anyone else tried this?


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Personally, I love big crashes, but I would never use a B8 or a ZHT ride as a crash. Then again, I would only recommend B8s to hard hitters, as they don't open up unless you really lay into 'em. But if they made a 20" XS20 crash, I would certainly buy one. It's a shame that the budget cymbals don't have as wide of a selection. In all, I hate B8s and ZHT/ZBTs, but I'm sure when next to Cambers, they sound like HHX cymbals. They can sound good in recordings, though, which has always surprised me.


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Good rides can be good crashes. I've never heard a zbt or zht that sounded good as a crash, though, and I've heard a few b8's that crashed decently, mostly older ones.

I'd just save my money a bit and buy decent cymbals one at a time, but if you're happy with the budget rides as crashes, more power to ya!