Unknown drummers with a huge talent..


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Yep, agree about Niek de Bruijn..

Saw him play 2-3 years ago in a small setting for about a 40 people audience..

Very musical and dynamical player he is..

I see that member Groove Inc. (aka former Keepgrooving, no?) is finding lots of talent in my country..

Yoran Vroom is another one regarding that..


Bo Eder

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I'll echo Bo's sentiments. You meet some insanely talented players on your musical journey. During your studies is the the best examples and it's always because they think they're gods gift but won't put their ego to one side, it usually involves:

A) Not playing for the song
B) Refusing to play something because it's 'beneath' them

It's a recipe for never getting hired and a lesson they learn the hard way.

The other thing is that you need a massive slice of luck and to be in the right place at the right time. If anyone knows of directions to the right place and could tell me the right time to show up I'd be very grateful!

I firmly believe there's thousands of amazing unknown drummers out there who just keep their heads down and work their backsides off.

Stumbled across these guys on Spotify on the way to a gig the other day. All shit hot players but relatively unknown too!
That’s what you get when Disney puts together a gospel chops band 😉