Undiscovered Youtube Drummer Gems


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Had to start this thread cos I think there are a lot of great drummers on youtube who don't get nearly enough views. Cobus is good and all but is way overexposed in comparison to some more talented players.

Just found this ridiculously good Japanese guy playing Weckl.


He also nails Soul Vaccination by TOP.


This guy is Dutch I think, does a great job of a tough Porcupine Tree song.

So post some you've found, there's a few more I can think of that are great, might post them later.


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what about the metallia guy, metallicafan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMmY_bIZeKQ
With nearly 4 million views, I would say this guy is quite discovered.

This guy is great! I've been subscribed to his channel for a while now. He is Aussie too!


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Cool thread.

I'm subscribed to a fair few ppl on youtube. These spring to mind right now, I'll post more when I remember.





Billy McQueen


Lucius Borich

The Aussiedrumnerd is great. I loved his Keep it Greasey (Zappa) cover. He has a lot of great technical videos.


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Never heard of him before but Nick Molenda is unbelievable. Thanks for sharing.
No problem. Theres actually a video of him playing the Usher song with Aaron Spears in split screen and every note is spot on in time, every fill and groove. It's astonishing.
Since nobody really listens to Exhorder I'm going to just throw Seth Davis out there. There's way more to him than winning WFD, his comprehension of polyrhythms rivals that of Mangini.

Also, Dylan Elise still isn't discovered enough IMO