underoath writing on the walls


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6 months? are u sure? i think your playing is ok, just keep playing and playing, that will help :)


Your, or our, biggest problem is that we can't really hear f.ex. the bassdrum. The cymbals take up too much of the sound, or phase out other frequencies. Which I think is a common problem on most low quality recorders. So the sound quality is crap.

Other than that, the playing itself seems pretty good, not bad for having played 6 months. I'd experiment with perhaps tuning the snare a bit differently, maybe loosen the snares or something. Again, it is hard to say because the sound quality is bad, if you like your snare sound then keep it.

Also, I'd suggest looking into other styles of drumming to learn some different styles. Which, of course, you can work with and implement into whatever genre you like best (I am guessing heavy metal/hardcore). Thinking innovatively and being creative with your drumming is really what it's all about.

Good job and good luck.


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I think you did great! not always on sync with the song but pretty good anyways. Like Skeeter says: practise stuff that you don't know and may be hard for you (funk, jazz, latin, that kinda groove stuff). Learn to be dynamic too. You can get a lot more sounds out of a drum other than just the loud one. Ofcourse concentrate on technique a lot also. cheers!
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For six months I think you did pretty good. You seem relaxed. I remember when I first started playing I had a hard time relaxing like that. I'm not familiar with the song, nor could I hear it too well in the video, so I can't comment too much on that. I would suggest maybe getting another similar sized crash, or a crash/ride, or just a very washy ride to help with those kind of parts. Riding the crash like that doesn't let it ring out to its fullest (kind of sounds choked), and having a similar but slightly different toned wash would add to the depth of those parts. I'm sure it's how the original drummer played it, but you can get the same effect by just hitting the crash on some accents, letting it ring out (kind of follow the kick and snare, instead of playing straight eighths). It would give a bit of a bigger sound and add more emphasis to those parts I believe. Also, maybe try choking up on your sticks a little. You may find it gives you more control. A few of the fills were a bit hurried in parts, but you'll get better with practice.

Regardless of how long you've been playing, there is always something new to learn. Keep that in mind. Always challenge yourself.


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well, that was some great drumming for six months. You've got great gear to practice with too.

Keep practicing and you'll be great.
I was actually listening to underoath when i read this. I liked your drumming, sounds like you've come a fair way in 6 months without a teacher. Keep it up.