Unbelieveable! GC just relisted the fake snare.


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As you may have seen in my previous thread, I returned a snare to the local guitar center that I had ordered online. it was supposed to be a titanium snare with claw hoop. Instead I got a black steel snare. I returned it to the local GC, showed them with an email from Black Swamp Percussion stating that the snare is actually steel and not a Dynamicx Sterling Series Drum Titanium. They apologized, couldn't understand how it happened and refunded my money.

Today I saw this on the stores site: https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Black-Swamp-Percussion/6X14-Dynamicx-Sterling-Series-Drum-115049774.gc

Unless someone came in today and traded in what looks like a new Black Swamp Titanium drum, somebody else is going to get hosed.


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What would you think it should be priced at?
Seems like a well made steel drum with nice blackish color to it. Some spots of chrome coming off the hoops. They listed for $420 which would have been a good price if the drum was what they said

Dynamicx 75.jpgDynamicx 275.jpg
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Was the snare heavy?

If it was Titanium, you would've noticed right away how light it is compared to Steel.

However, that snare has some added weight due to the claw hooks.


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One of my GC disasters was a vintage DW 5000 pedal in "Excellent Condition." When I got it it had a bout 50 pounds of sand caked on to it and the bearings were shot. I would have returned it immediately, but figured I'd clean it up and see what it looks like underneath. It surprisingly cleaned up nicely. I was so focused on getting it cleaned up I hadn't realized there were no teeth on the sprocket, so the second I tried to play it the chain came off. it was off a few times when I was cleaning it, but I just slipped it back on and focused on the caked on sand portion. That's when it hit me I just don't know when to quit sometimes. Annoyed I took it back and showed GC the pics of what it looked like when I got it, how much cleaning was required and finally the toothless sprocket. The manager wasn't having any part of refunding my shipping.

I got home and called GC customer service and they gave me back my shipping. The next day, the pedal was back up for sale with the exact same description. They flat out don't care. They are there to move stuff, junk or not. In the past, I also confirmed the condition of a Sabian HHX Evolution Cymbal and they said it was flawless. I got it a few days ago and it was a Zildjian A with a missing stamp! Cluelessness, or is it carelessness plagues that place.

The only times I've been really excited they are around is when they haven't a clue what they have and priced it well below market. They do the opposite as well. Just too weeks ago I did a search and they had a new item listed for $599 and two exact same models used for $640 and $700. They have had a used Ludwig Classic Maple 4pc sitting around for $2k, used renown (stop sign badges) for $1500 and so on.

I still check them out pretty regularly. You just never know what deal may pop up. Still ticks me off they moved in and pushed out all the real music stores and now we're stuck with this type of buffoonery!