Unable to adjust DW 6000


I play in a shared rehearsal room that has a DW 6000 pedal.

The pedal feels extremely loose, and I can't figure out how to fix this. I am unable to single out the part that I need to adjust. I tried tightening the spring, but even at what seems the tightest setting, the pedal is very loose, compared to other pedals I've used (including DW 5000 and Iron Cobras with moderate spring tension). Adjusting the beater's angle didn't help either.

I can take some pictures of the pedal next time I go to the rehearsal room, in case that helps.

Thanks for the help!


Senior Member
My guess without even looking at the pedal is, the 'rocker hub' is set too far forward.
This. DW pedals generally have light springs. I normally set the beater well passed 45 degrees to get the spring stretch needed for the pedal to be as responsive as I like.