Ultimate Drumset!!

pdp 9091

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Ok...Think...you have all the money you ever wanted....build a fantasy kit that you would build if you were a millionare...have some fun...think big (if you want) and think expensive because hey...you have all the money in the world.


Ludwig Amber Vistalite 5-Piece kit

14" supraphonic snare
14" tom with snare stand
16" floor tom
18" floor tom


15" giant beat paiste hi hats
18" giant beat paiste crash
20" giant beat paiste crash
19" paiste 2002 paiste rock crash
24" giant beat paiste crash
40" paiste symphonic gong

Ludwig speed king pedal
all ludwig stands ect...

remo emperor coated heads

Ultimate set! obviously bonham influenced


I don't have that set, but I do have a set of smoke vistalites with with some k constantinoples. Man is it sweet.


Ok, you asked.

1. 2, 18" X 22" Kick Drums
2. 16" X 20" Kick Drum
3. 5.5" X 14" Melody Master Snare (maple)
4. 5" X 12" Melody Master Snare (steel)
5. Octobans: 343mm, 390mm, 443mm, and 472mm
6. 8" X 8" rack tom
7. 9" X 10" rack tom
8. 10" X 12" rack tom
9. 11" X 13" rack tom
10. 10" X 10" rack tom
11. Octobans: 536mm and 600mm
12. 10.25" LP steel Timbalio
13. 16" X 16" floor tom
14. 6" 14" tymp tom
15. 14" X 20" Gong bass drum

Cymbals: Sabian
A 14" HHX Studio Crash
B 18" HHX Chinese
C 18" HHX Studio Crash
D 18" AA Medium Thin Crash
E 20" HHX Chinese
F 19" Hand Hammered Fierce Crash
G 17" Hand Hammered Thin Crash
H 20" Hand Hammered Chinese
I 16" HHXtreme Crash
J 14" AAX Stage Hats
K 7" Max Splash
L 9" Max Splash
M Medium Max Stax with 7" Radia Bell on top
N 22" Hand Hammered Rock Ride
O 13" HHX Groove Hats
P Low Max Stax
Q 12" Ice Bell
R 11" Max Splash
S High Max Stax
T 8" Max Stax (2 combined to make hats)
U Triple Hi-Hat


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i once decided what would be my ultimate electric kit.
(estimates cost 20 to 25 thousand pounds)

here's the pic i made:


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The old style jazz kit.

24x14 bass (possibly two)
16x16 floor
18x16 floor
13x9 rack tom

White Marine pearl wrap. Flat base hardware. Probably Ludwig drums.
Cymbals probably 15" hats, 18 Medium-thin crash and some 21" ride and one of those swish things (china with rivets)

Something along the lines of a Krupa/Rich/Bellson/Shaughnessy kit


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John Bonham used a 38" gong, and about the giant beat they dont make crashes anymore i cant find em anywhere theyr similar to the 602 best cymbals


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The cymbals listed above are they the ones you own or the ones john bonham owns cus he doesnt have most of those cymbals heres his full cymbal list in order...
15" Sound-Edge Hi-hats 2 Pair
18" Giant Beat
20" Giant Beat
24" Giant Beat
15" Sound-Edge Hi-hats
18" Giant Beat
20" Giant Beat
24" Giant Beat
18" Giant Beat x2
20" Giant Beat
16" 2oo2 Medium
18" Giant Beat
20" Giant Beat
24" Giant Beat
20" 602 Medium Ride
38" Gong
15" 2oo2 Sound-Edge Hi-hats
15" 602 Sound-edge Hi-hats
16" 2oo2 Medium
18" 2oo2 Medium
18" 2oo2 Medium Ride
20" 602 Medium Ride
24" 2oo2 Ride
15" 2oo2 Sound-edge Hi-hats
18" 2oo2 Crash
18" 2oo2 Medium
20" 2oo2 Ride
24" 2oo2 Ride
1 Cymbal Bag

pdp 9091

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wow whered u find that list???

and i think they still sell giant beat crashes because they have them in the sam ash magazine


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Something big. Lol. Im not sure of the exact specs, but something Neil Peart-ish or Tim Alexander- ish. I love Tims sets that hes had over the years. The Tamas are amazing, and the Pork Pies were awesome too.


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I think it would have to be something like alex van halens drumset in jump or from before then, when he had the huge set and roto toms


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Bonzo91 said:
John Bonham used a 38" gong, and about the giant beat they dont make crashes anymore i cant find em anywhere theyr similar to the 602 best cymbals
Go on the Paiste web site and you will see that they have brought back the full line of Giant Beat Cymbals. You should be able to order them from a Paiste dealer.


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It would really just be an extension of My Kit, since mapex sells an add-on for their M Birch series. In theory, if a friend came over (w/ a couple of cymbals) I could move the kit around and have 2 kits.



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I am proud to say I got my ultimate drumset in October. Ludwig Maple Classics in the Green Sparkle finish. 14x26 BD, 10x14 TT, 16x16 FT, 16x18 FT, 61/2x14 model 402 snare and of course the Ludwig Speedking pedal. This is the kit I have always wanted since I was 8yrs old growing up in the 70's listening to Zeppelin! LONG LIVE BONHAM!