UK Drum Clinics?


Hey guys,
My friend just told me about drum clinics and how we should both start going to them. He said that if I sign up to websites (that sell drum related items), they would send invitations through email for clinics that are on. Unfortunately I forgot the website he recommended to me... Some Drum shop based in Newcastle?

If anyone has any links for websites I could join to be on a mailing list for Drum Clinics In The North Of England then that'd be great.

Thanks :)


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If you have a drum clinic near you, definitely go. I have been to about 10 and they all have something to offer and you get to see the best drummers in the world. As for dates etc. you can go to Zildjian, Paiste, Gretsch, and other major drum sites and they will post the dates of some of the endorsers. I am lucky enough to have a local drum shop, Seminole Music and Sound that uses both Facebook and Twitter to post Guitar, Drum, and Bass clinics. But do go.