Uh-oh, gig time!

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Well! It's been a few years since I graced a stage... and now it's time to do it again!

Tomorrow night I'm playing The Anchor, Bristol, UK with my new band, Bodafire. I joined about a month ago and we've had about 4 practices - funnily enough, it's all working pretty well. The material is fun to play, the rest of the band are pretty damn good and things are falling together. At practice, that is!

I don't get nervous before a gig usually, at least not until T-Minus 5 minutes, but I can feel this one coming this time... I dunno if it's because I've been away from the game for a while but the butterflies are starting to flicker!

I know that we'll at least get through it, there's too much experience in the band to totally fluff it. but I'm the worst kind of perfectionist - the kind that is FAR from perfect!

We're playing 1.5 - 2 hours (crowd/banter depending) with 30 - 40 songs, so it should take me toward the end of my stamina but not beyond it.

I'm going to take it easy - relisten to the material a few times round today - give my drums a spit-and-polish tonight - get a good night of sleep - generally not sweat it. Gig day I'll show up, set up and chat with the band until it's time. Keeping focused should keep me calm... we'll see though.

It's going to rock, either way! I'll let you know how it goes after tomorrow night!


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Hey, good luck with the gig, although I doubt you'll need it. There's a big difference between the butterflies of dread & the butterflies of excitement. I'm pretty sure you're suffering from the latter :)

You know the old advice, consciously play that first song a fair bit slower than you normally would. That way, it will probably come out about right :) From that point in, you're set.

BTW, let me know what the venue's like. I'm looking for some gigs south Wales/Bristol way, as our guitarist lives near Chepstow. If it's a great venue, do me a favour, & get me a contact :):):)

Go get to it!!!!!!!! remember, fun fun fun. The right vibe trumps a technically perfect performance every time :)

Netz Ausg

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Sure, I'll hook you up Andy :) The band have played there a number of times and always to a decent reception and a fair bit of cash (better than some of the venues around the county anyway!). Can be hit and miss on numbers, but when it's good it's good! (I'll see for myself soon, though)

I'll give you the low down on Sunday when I've come down from the high. God I've missed gigging - there's nothing like it. When you've settled with a wife and kid you've gotta grab the adrenaline where you can (the xbox just doesn't give enough!) ;)

Your advice is good - adrenaline plays havoc with the internal metronome. Luckily for me the guitar brings this one in, so at worst I'll have to drag it back after a few bars (and avoid any blame at my end ;) !)


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Good luck and enjoy it!

I have a competition gig tomorrow night in a theater (3 bands playing an hour, the best will get to play at a large outdoor festival). No nerves yet but that will probably come when it's time to step on the stage.

Like KIS said: just focus on enjoying yourself then the rest will come by itself. Good advice for me as well ;-)

Rock on!


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Break a leg, Netz.

Others are better placed to give advice here than me so the only thing I can suggest is to relax and make it a party.

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Thanks pol!

Note to self - I must remember to loc-tite the nuts on my Quick-Torque cams - I don't want them popping open mid performance like they did at practice last week (instructions say to do it, but I was in a rush when installing them!)...


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You'll be fine. Just don't let a screw up here or there get you flustered. That usually ends up being the worst thing for me - I have to let little mishaps go so I can concentrate on the rest of the material. Knock 'em dead!


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Good luck with your gig. It's exciting to get back out there. Looking forward to the post-gig report.

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Thanks guys!

Alright - last update from the day before gig night!

I've had a can of Pledge and a soft cloth out of my wife's frighteningly organised cleaning stash and given everything a clean up - got the micofibre cloth and made the black BD reso lovely and reflective too!

Started to tweek my tuning (BD first) when I realised that I ought to worry about that at the venue as the current tuning may not suit the hall. I've got an hour and a half to set up, so plenty of time.

I've got my final printed set list and put all essential notes in RED pen - count ins, who's playing intro etc...

Now I'm listening to the tunes I highlighted at rehearsal as having cock ups in the last run through to get them locked in my brain.

And then bed! Hitting the sack in an hour or so to get a decent sleep (kid permitting :p)


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Have a great time! I concur with the beer recommendation. I always have one during the first set. It's just enough to relax, but too little to turn you into a sloppy mess.


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<<hears a quiet buzz roll in the distance waiting for the results...somewhere a dog barks>>

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Good luck man! But it sounds like you've got this one. Remember to look out into the crowd and realize just how lucky you are to be doing it. I wish I was you right now. Sounds like your playing a pretty sizable venue. Tht will be fun


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