Ugh - I can't hear out of an ear


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Ugh. I occasionally have problems with my ears. I don't know what the deal is.

My right ear is fine. My left ear, for whatever reason, generates more Stuff than the right ear. I will wake up, and it will feel "wet".

Anyway, I am in the middle of a significant problem. I'm pretty sure it is just build up, but this week, I lost lots of hearing out of that left ear. I started the cleaning regimen, and after a couple of days, I got back to about 80%. Then this morning, I woke up, and it reverted. I had almost no hearing left out of the left ear. I have been doing the cleaning regimen all day, and I still have close to nothing.

I had to practice material for a rehearsal tomorrow just now , and it was a terrible experience. I can't hear the material well, and what I do hear sounds awful.

The other part of the stupidity is - I work for the largest ENT practice in the nation. So, what I really need to do is stop the "cleaning regimen" at home and get to the MD.

Hopefully I don't have damage. Not happy.


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Definitely get it checked out, hearing is priceless. I would give anything to go back 30 years and handle my stage volume and monitoring differently. I curtailed it about 15 years ago with in-ears and phones, but the real damage was already done.
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I get stuff like this in the summer sometimes. I will feel like I have water in my ear, but there is nothing. If I plug my nose and blow, it goes away for about a minute. I try to keep my ears clean always, but it doesn't help this. I chalk it up to drumming hazards. Doesn't help I also like shooting and loud car races. You aren't alone.


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Get your ears checked . You may have some impacted wax in to our ear canal . This would require your Physician to flush the ear out . I have had this done a couple times and the improvement is remarkable .

if your ear is leaking it could be caused by a damaged eardrum . Definitely get it checked out .


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Thanks guys. I'm pretty concerned. I have gone through this before, but this one feels different.


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I'm having same problem with my left ear-but I have a hole in my ear drum for all the crud to drain. I put some steroid antibiotic drops at night to help to with inflammation or any bacterial concerns. But the fluid moves around so it will plug up my hearing-then I can hear the fluid bubble up like a balloon and pop-ooze out. Yuck ear glue. I think allergies this time of year promote the issues but it's a pain because the fluid doesn't immediately flow out so does block hearing in that ear.


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I had a similar problem at the end of summer early fall. I had blockage in both ears for 3 weeks and then one ear for 2 weeks. It was miserable. Felt like walking around with ear plugs 24/7.
It was basically liquid in my middle ear stemming from a sinus/lung infection I had during the summer so impossible to clean out. Antibiotics did nothing. I basically had to wait. Luckily I had only 1 gig during that time and one ear was ok.


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I have an appointment Tuesday with an ENT. Hopefully it is not serious.

I have had problems with my ears many times in the past, but it has always been build up that I have been able to clean myself. This one isn't healing and feels different.