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Hey so my friend got a cheap pearl forum drum set and it came with a hi-hat top as a crash, pearl hi-hats, and a UFiP 20 inch ride. I've never heard of UFiP before but it looks like people really like them. Can anyone give me some information? What are they like compared to Zildjian K's?

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They can be comparable to the Zildjian K's. See if you can get more information from the cymbal itself, some kind of name or numbers.


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I'm not familiar with Zildjian Ks, but UFiPs are beautiful, beautiful cymbals. Italian made, they absolutely ooze class. Before they made cymbals, they made church bells.

But as ever, it's about the sound you want. Doesn't matter how wonderfully wonderful it is: if it isn't the sound you're after, sell it to somebody who will love it.


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I'm a brand mixer. I've got some Ufips. They're fine italian handmade cymbals. Like all brands, they have their crappier lines and top of the range lines. Here's a short clip of my Ufip 18" natural series crash. Also one quick hit of my K paper thin 16". The Ufip is much nicer but I'm sure there's a Zildjian K with an equal sounding 18".



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UFiP are poured into a spinning castin and not stamped or pounded out of bronze sheets. The “spinning cast” makes them very consistent and sort of pre-tensioned if you will.

Not sure why they never took off in the states! Likely a distribution issue, because it sure isn’t quality.


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UFIP was more popular/visible in the States 40 years ago, when there wasn't a glut of brands out there. There was Zildjian, Paiste, and the occasional Sonor Tyrko and Premier Zyn holdovers from the '60s, and UFIP. Meinl hadn't become popular yet, and Sabian was still a few years away. Today, there are a few dozen accessible brands, and UFIP is kind of lost in the shuffle.

I have a handful Bravo, Experience and other UFIPs, and my first was an 8½" Icebell I bought in 1981 after hearing Bozzio use one with Missing Persons. :) I think they may have made the first one, I don't recall LP or anyone having one until several years later.



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Charlie Watts has been playing various Ufip cymbals for years and years; I remember seeing the name in an interview in Modern Drummer in the late 80's.