Ufip rough


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Hey, anyone have experience of these, where do they equate to lines from paiste etc etc?


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I have some experience with those, yes.
Remember the zildjian earth ride? The rough rides are like that but heavier, sort of a mix between those and the first K custom ride, the one only labeled as "CUSTOM".
Sound wise, the crashes are a mix of the zildjian k custom special dry and brass cymbals - dry, short attack, short decay, little harmonics, little volume apart from the piercing attack.

Can't say I'd recommend them to anyone, and if you like that flavor I'd go for K custom special dry or Paiste sig dark energy, I haven't tried the Meinl byzance extra dry but I imagine those are going to be good quality cymbals.
Most UFIP aren't, at least as far as my tastes are concerned.

For reference, I mainly play paiste cymbals, B8 and B15.
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Ah ok, I'm looking at getting a 15" crash, someone in my area is selling pretty cheap. My other cymbals are mostly pst7