UFIP Marking Questions...


Two Questions:

1. Does anyone know how UFIP marks their cymbals? In terms of weight that is. I found a UFIP Natural Series (White Label) 20" Ride (Online) for a Steal but I want to make sure it is the "light" version which is +/- 2100 grams. The online store took a picture of a number on the underside but I am unsure if this is indeed its' weight in grams. Anyway, is this how UFIP marks their cymbals by weight?? Please see attachment.

2. Also, some of the Natural Series have a "RED" Label and others have a "WHITE" Label. What's the difference?



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All of mine have the weight marked in black texter on the bottom.

They only recently started with the red labels and red replaced white. I don't think there's any difference, it just means they are new stock.

I have a natural ride too but it's very heavy, I'm sure it's a good cymbal.
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I have two UFIP rides and several other UFIP cymbals. They are all marked on the underside with their weight in grams.

And since I have white labeled naturals I have asked UFIP reps about the difference between the natural series red and white labels. They said that the newer red labels denote a slight change in the design of some cymbals. Most notably I think crash and splash cymbals were re-designed to open up more quickly.


Yep, that looks like it says 2190 to me, which is grams of course.

Yes, when they went to the red label, it was because some things did change. I believe it may only be the crashes, but they are thinner. Same goes for the Bionic series changing from black label to blue. The blue label Bionic crashes are from what I can tell, about 5% thinner than the original ones. I don't think the rides or hi hats changed.

Also, you used to be able to get the brilliant line crashes in three weights per size, just like the standard Class series from which they were derived. Now they are just offering them in thin weight.