Two sets from Yesterday


Anthony Amodeo

you sound good brother...and swing well

I don't think you are over comping at all...sounds good ...and will only get better

careful with those tempos though


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I usually do have that problem, but for learning the songs in four days (I could only practice with the ensemble) with only just meeting these guys, I thought we did great.


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You played really well. You are off to a great start with jazz playing.
You are a bit heavy handed but you are smooth so it will be easy for you to develop a nice light touch.
As far as comping goes, There is no real correct answer as to how much comping is right.
It's a matter of taste based on what is being played by the others. The spirit of the moment so to speak.
Nice job.


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Sounds real good man, I am also working on my comping, sometimes I second guess myself and I'm not sure what to play or I start to think that what I'm playing doesn't sound very good, it's more of a mental issue and a confidence struggle. Not much to do except keep listening and practicing! Keep it up man, this is a great job.