Two new videos! some fusion/funk, and some more Opeth!


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Hey guys! It's been a while since I last posted any recordings, that's because I've been taking care of everything regarding my relocation to Boston next week! I snagged a sweet job with an IT Consulting company downtown, and it's been hell trying to find a house to rent in late November.

Anyhow, I had some spare time today to kinda show you guys what i've been working on - both of these videos are songs I play along to pretty often (i know their structures well, so I just jam/improv on top of the music). I'm really working on my drum mixes a lot. it's hard to convey decent sound quality through compressed YouTube videos, but i think you'll notice a difference from my last few recordings.

The first one here is a Tal Wilkenfeld song "Oatmeal Bandage" - It's a really funky, swung fusion tune with a LOT going on, drumwise. Keith Carlock plays this track on the album, and I can't even come close!

The second vid is of Opeth's "Windowpane". Lots of messups in this one, but after 2 takes i'm mildly satisfied. On top of the flubs, my camera's memory card filled up before the song finished! Enjoy though! (the kick is far too high in the mix, i couldn't tell until i got it uploaded and playing though my surround system!)

As always, i'd welcome any feedback you've got! Good or bad, let me hear it.
Also, if any of you are based in Boston, let me know! I'll be looking for some other musicians in the are :)



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The rise & rise of Chris Anderson, that's all I can say.

Tight, tasteful,terrific!

Btw, check out Tal's BC at :

I'd love to hear you play that.. don't know who the drummer is though.. ( Vinnie C ? ).

You should try and hook up with Dave DiCenso in Boston ( Berklee ). Not only is he a great drummer but just listening to the man talk about this n' that can actually improve your playing!

Good luck with your move.


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Love your vids

I gave you 5 stars each , it's really good!

Keep it up man!


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Great job!! Your drums/cymbals sound incredible. Very nice job on the mix. Great playing too. I really like how you kind of "stacked" your ride cymbals. Those are 13" hats? They sound great too.


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Hey man, first off-your setup sounds absolutely incredible! You have a great mix goin there..
The first song, sounded really tight, focused and dead-on.I ve never heard it before, so I cant really compare, but it sounded damn good, ... so, Kudos to you! : )

Windowpane, however, sounded a bit "apprehensive"? for loss of a better term...Dont get me wrong, just a little creative criticism from a fellow Opeth nut. Maybe lay off the rolls/double strokes on the snare...and feel more of the "melancholy/downside" ambience that the general *feel* of this song brings about. The live version is great, but I think you "attacked" it with a little bit more force and flash than was needed.

Anyway, good stuff man. Keep it up. And we re waitin for some more P. Tree! At least I am...DRUM ON!

michael drums


Chris! That's some tasteful playing. Love how you get around the kit. Makin' it look easy, and sounding crisp and clean. Keep up the great playing, man!

Play On! ;-)


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Hi Chris,

You are one talented drummer, with a great kit, great music tastes and live in a great music city now!
I bet you´ll end up in a band that will go far in the music seen.
And thanks to you I´ve got a new favorite album, Transformation :D

I just what to say good luck in the new city. And of course, awesome videos.

- Aron