Two new books on George Lawrence Stone


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I just wanted to alert everyone about two books concerning Stick Control author George Lawrence Stone that recently came out. One is called “Drum Lessons with George Lawrence Stone,” by former Stone student Barry James, co-written by Joe Morello (he had been working with James on the book before he passed away). It details some of Stone’s teachings, and the bulk of the book is made up of exercises from Stone’s “Technique of Percussion” column which ran in International musician Magazine. The second Stone book is actually a compilation of (I believe) ALL the columns that Stone wrote for International Musician—it’s called “Technique of Percussion: Columns by George Lawrence Stone for International Musician Magazine 1946--1963.” I’m about thirty pages into the latter and it’s very interesting stuff, containing not just exercises, but also a lot of percussive wisdom and information that is of historical interest (he makes reference to his friendship and correspondence with drummers like Charley Wilcoxon, J. Burns Moore, James P. Noonan, Gene Krupa, et al). For those just interested in exercises, I would recommend the first book; the second book is most valuable for those interested in the text.


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Thank you for posting this. These are of great interest to me. Had no idea they existed.


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Thanks for the heads up, Ed-- I ordered the lessons book and requested a media copy of the other one. Looking forward to checking out the columns especially.


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I got my media copies of both of those-- I should have actual reviews up soon. Lessons w GLS covers pretty familiar stuff for anyone aware of Joe Morello's teaching. Technique of Percussion is awesome-- over 400 pages of Stone's writing I've certainly never seen before, with lots of musical examples. Any drummer/percussionist with any scholarly bent whatsoever will want that one.


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I got the "Drum Lessons with George Lawrence Stone" book as I was curious to know about the approach to "Stick Control" even though I am pretty familiar with the book. I was a bit disappointed in the fact that I haven't seen much on "how to use Stick Control" but rather a lot of general technique concepts, which doesn't hurt but isn't very interesting to me. That being said, I liked to hear about Mr. Stone's approach, I would have loved to sit down with him and take a lesson. I'll have to get a copy of "Technique of Percussion" now. This page here hipped me to those two books so thanks for the cue.