Two French Canadians drummers: Pierre Hébert and Denis Farmer

Patrice B

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Let me introduce to you two drummers from, Québec province in Canada. They are obscure ´cause we live and speak french here but we are surrounded by english speaking people from U.S.A. and the rest of Canada.

So, Pierre Hébert was the drummer of a band called Octobre (jazz prog) in the 70's. With the bass player Mario Légaré, they were probably the best rhythmic section here. Nowadays, Mr Hébert teaches drums in university and played with a lot of singers and bands throughout his carreer following the disband of Octobre (1982). Unfortunately, not much footage of him.

Second one is Denis Farmer and he played for a lot of bands in the 70's but is well known for his work with a band called Harmonium (folk prog). He passed away in 1983. Same goes for him, not much footage.

Look here in California at 14:45 and 26:18:

The band tried to get some attention outside of here but they should had written in english to do so. Anyway, the band leader suffered a serious burn-out and it was the end for them in 1978.

Here, he is playing with a classical pianist, kind of weird but interesting: