Twenty years ago


jay norem

Twenty years ago I was in a punk-thrash sort of band with my brother. Just today a guy who was at one of our shows in Pittsburgh contacted me out of the blue and showed me some stuff on the internet about that band; we called ourselves "Animal Time." Man did it bring back memories.
Here's one of the things I found. At the bottom are two of our songs from our first record, "I Was Only Trying To Help" and "Insecure Girl."
I played a Tama kit on the record, I think they were Imperialstars. I forgot I could ever play like that.
We were quite popular for awhile. My fifteen minutes.

Is this jazz?????


Hey Jay, that's a big, trashy, punk-a$$ noise you got goin' on back then.

Drums sounded great... clean and tight.

Well done!