Turning a 28x14 marcher into a set, I'd like some input


Bought this WFL marcher about a year ago and I'm looking to turn it into a Big Band/Bonham style kit. It's made of mahogany, from 1956-1959, and it's wrapped in this white pearl that has yellowed beautifully.

My plans are to add two floor toms, a 16x16 and a 16x18 and possibly a rack tom. Coated emperor over fiberskyn reso with felt for bass drum and coated emperor over coated ambassador for toms.

Here's my issue though: where can I get drum wrap to match my bass drum? I'm thinking of picking up some Keller mahogany shells and going from there, but I'm not so sure.

I'm just generally looking for ideas to go with this monster. Throw them at me!


Red Menace

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28's are a barrel of fun. If you're foot technique is any good, you can go from obscenely loud to a nice boomy rumble.

I would leave the wrap as-is personally. Add some orphaned toms to match and you have a killer rock kit. Tuning these monsters is a little bit different than your average bear. You're going to want to go higher than you normally would, or it just sounds like a blappy mess.

I hear great things about the Aquarian Superkicks but you can also go with the old school felt strip trick. I opted for the felt on mine.


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Here's my issue though: where can I get drum wrap to match my bass drum? ....

I don't think that's going to happen, unless you settle for 'kind of, a little close'.

If you want them to match, you'll probably have to wrap everything.
Should be a cool set whichever way you end up going.

The SunDog

This drum has already been modded to some extent. So why cherish the old wrap. A new Vintage WMP wrap will probably be close, but not perfect. I would strip it and wrap the whole project together.


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Welcome to the repurposed 28" marching bass club. Here is mine:

I would encourage mounting heavy duty spurs to the shell.


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28s are fun, and you do need to run a little tight on the batter head. I like mine so much I bought another. I will soon have the most ridiculous double bass kit.

I will be using sic skinz drum wrap for the second bass so I can match the black.