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Hi all , im going to receive my first tuned percussion lesson on monday , i think it will be on an xylophone i have no expierience in this , does anyone know what i will likely to be doing ??



I think it is likely that you'll be striking a number of metal bars with a mallet of some sort. Beyond that.... you've got me. I haven't a clue.

Maybe studying up on your scales and reading sheet music might be helpful.

Please tell us about it as it sounds interesting.

Anthony Amodeo

You'll probably be playing the xylophone, reading some simple melodies.
yeah most likely some scales and memorizing the sharps and flats.
then something like Hot Cross buns

thats usually what I touch on in a first lesson

it is important for us as percussionists to be able to read harmonic notes as well as we read rhythms .

the more you know the more work you get


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Can you read treble clef? And can you match the notes on the treble clef to the keys on a piano or xylophone?

If not, work through the first 4 levels of this, from the Vic Firth website:

Speednote Reading Game

Don't wait for the teacher, get learning!


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It starts out like "paint by numbers" finding the notes and then it gets easier. Eventually you start to "see" the scale of the key you're in and find the diatonic notes (notes in the scale) pretty easily. Then you spend the rest of your life trying to get really really good at it.