Trying to locate a part (Yamaha Gigmaker)

The Modernist

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Hello all

The school I work at have asked me to try to refurbish the drums they have. There is a Yamaha Gigmaker kit, but the bass drum spurs have been removed (no idea why). Can someone point me in the direction of the (cheapest) replacements out there? Doesn't have to be Yamaha specific, and if I can avoid any drilling that would be a bonus.

Cheers all.


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You can also search for the part and buy it here. I’ve actually done that a few times. You have to create an account just to search the site, but it may be worth it.

You can also find generic or 3rd party spurs here.



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The cheapest could be to use two drum-spur accessory attachments (like for Cowbells) that have an l-arm. Then put a rubber foot on the l-arm and these two would hold the drum off the floor. I heard of this as a temporary fix for gigging but maybe it would be sufficient for your school. It may depend on how long they would actually use the drums after you went to all the trouble of adding the correct hardware. Many places change their minds after someone puts a lot of work into it.

If the drums would only be used for a short time, the drum spurs would be useful for holding future accessories.