Trying to learn French Grip


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I have been playing for quite a long time but figured learning extra controls wouldn’t hurt, especially for my left hand. I can dribble and do all sorts of finger things with my right hand but not my left. Problem is I’m struggling you get the mechanic and was hoping someone could throw out some good resources or even some videos just showing. Thanks!


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If you have a good right hand then you have a great example of what it should look like.
To get your weak hand up to speed quickly you do need to isolate much of the weak hand.
I go through finger by finger and practice to a metronome with my weak hand tapping quarters/quarter triplets/8ths/8th triplets/16ths.
I use my right hand as a reference when necessary but going through finger by finger and training each one to go with the rebound is your ticket to success.
That being said. It takes time. You have millions more repetitions on your strong hand than you've had on your weak one. You can only make that up with a bunch of repetitions.
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There's no shortage of resource material. Jojo Mayer's Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer has loads of great info pertaining to hand and finger technique. Only a small portion is dedicated to tympani grip specifically but there's an excellent finger-by-finger exercise. I believe Drumeo also has videos on the subject.

A couple of masters in my mind are Manu Katche and Keith Carlock. Any video of them in action is inspiring.

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Your right hand is the best teacher.

Most likely it's just gonna take time, lots of effort and focusing on things trhat ar annoyingly difficult the most, the things that th right hand seem to do with relativ ease.

Slow motins first, keeping things controlled.

Itæ ' just a conditinoning thing. You want to do real exercises in time. Work on the jazz ride pattern, finger control etc...


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Play in a mirror. hold the sticks loose. If the right hand can do it you are doing something different with the left. Most often the right had is much more dominant as it is used every day for many more things. Also, if you think about it, on the hats, snare, and floor tom your right hand plays many positions. I'll often be palm down or french grip with my right but my left stays pretty consistent. Your right hits almost 2 times as many notes on a simple groove too.4 times if your doing 16ths on the hats.

Play left handed for a while. if you are struggling, it's just experience. It is going to take months of pad work to get this down. Learning multiple grips won't HURT, but you need to ask why you are learning it as it isn't necessary.

While you are playing really focus on that left hand.


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I think the benefit of learning it is the finger abilities.

in some ways I’m lucky though as I play mostly double shuffles. And any “rock beat” that I do play I am also doing the eighth notes with my left hand.