Trying to ID old drums based on hardware - no badges left on them


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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum (and not very knowledgeable about drums), so please forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong area.

I was hoping someone might recognize this hardware. I bought a used drum set a while back, and it seems like a bit of a monster kit. The bass drum seems to have 70s Tama tensioner hardware. The toms have a slightly different hardware (first, below).

Hardware on the smaller toms:


Floor tom hardware seems different:


Bass drum hardware (looks like 70s Tama to me):

Not sure about this though - is this generic hardware? Tama?

The set did come with a 74 Tama ImperialStar chromed steel snare (made in Japan), but that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

If anyone has any thoughts, I'm all ears. Thanks!


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Tom holder/bracket (2nd pic) and lug and muffler (3rd pic) are exactly the same as on my first kit - a cheap, rather poor quality "Champion" set made in Taiwan around 1980.
The wing nuts on the last piece of hardware look like Gibraltar.


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The floor tom has the "Pearl Style" rectangular lugs. Probably an MIT (Made In Taiwan) or a CB 700 etc.

The bass drum looks like it has Slingerland copy lugs. What an odd "frankenkit".