Trying to choose new snare heads


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So, my cheap snare needs new heads. I know some people will probably tell me to get a better snare, but I can't afford one and NEED new heads for gigs etc, so my "Dragon" snare will have to do.

The problem is this is the first time I've ever had to buy heads. I'm thinking the evans Hydraulic black and glass 500. Anybody used this combo before, or have any opinions on it?
I play in a punk band and want a loud, punchy sound that cuts through well but doesn't linger. From what I've seen/heard/read this might do it.

Hopefully the forum can help me, even if it means tearing me a new one so I can learn something XD


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I’ve tried all three Evans Hazy models. The 500 mutes the sound of the wires compared to the other two heads. The 200 is for orchestral (not heavy hitting) and loses some body to the drum. The Hazy 300 is the sweet spot.

If you’re playing punk, go with the Evans Power Center Reverse Dot. It’s very loud and very durable. Don’t bother with the Hydraulic. It mutes overtones and reduces the “cut” you’re looking for. If you need something more durable, try the Evans HD Coated head.

As for cutting through the mix, it’s a sharp crack that does the trick.


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If you're using a glass 500 and a hydraulic you might as throw your snare in the bin and use the binlid as a snare instead!

Heavy heads deaden the sound as you need more tension to get the tightness.

As cb mentioned get a hazy 300 and a power centre of the remo equivalent. If you need more dampening moongel is an easy solution. It's easy to add dampening to a lively drum but impossible to add liveliness to a dead one.


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Ended up buying an entirely new snare instead. Premier cabria xpk. 300 hazy reso head, remo UX sonor head, little bit of moongel.

Very happy with sound!


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Hopefully the forum can help me, even if it means tearing me a new one so I can learn something XD
Is there a chance that I can convince you to try an Ambassador batter over Ambassador snare side? Just configure it like a plain old normal drum, without "hydraulic hazy glass power" gimmicks. Maybe grab some moon gel to see if your next batter should perhaps be a control dot or ring.


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Next time you need a snare head, consider the Aquarian Hi-Energy also. It's a unique head, 10mil single ply with Power Dot material bonded to the entire playing surface. In addition, it has another Power Dot in the center. It has great crack, is really sensitive, and extremely durable. Would be great for the pounding of punk music.


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Been playing Punk for almost 40 years now & done everything I can in the genre. On a cheap snare, Hazy 300 & a Genera Dry for the batter. Has worked on all of my snares :)


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I'd go with a Remo reverse dot and a hazy 300. However, any head can give you pounchy tones if tuned and muffled correctly. :)

I'd suggest also the hybrid of Evans, maybe even a Genera dry.