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For the first time in 35 years of drumming I am trying coated heads following a suggestion from master drum tech Kenny Sharretts. I’ve always been a clear head guy. For some reason I like seeing the wood grain on the inside of the drums. However, following a discussion with Kenny I’ve decided to try the Evans UV2’s. I’m using them on my Mapex Saturn V.


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My Signia set came with coated Rod Morgenstern sig heads. They recorded very well. I was too heavy handed at the time for them though.

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I’m the opposite - I’ve always been a coated head guy. I never liked the sound of uncoated heads (the one exception being black dots) & I don’t like yo see inside a drum.

Coming back to drumming after a long hiatus I find my taste is still the same : coated Ambassadors sound “right” to me.

I think you’ll be very happy with them.



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I'm a UV1 guy for snare and am interested in UV2's for toms - I look forward to your review.


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Coated heads just sound......better! LOL I know that's a very personal choice, but to me, I've found clear heads to be too "slappy" and "plastic-ky" for my taste. Coated heads mellow out that attack just a smidge.

I've always described it like this (my own opinion of course):

On clear heads it's sounds like the sound coming from the drum/head is only at the exact spot where the tip of the stick is hitting it.
On coated heads, it sounds like the sound is coming from the entire surface of the head/drum, not just one small area.


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I've had coated ambassadors on my kits a few times in my life but it seems like I always go back to 2 ply clear.


Aside from regularly using hydraulic heads, I otherwise only ever use single ply (be it clear, coated, or faux calf) heads. I recently mounted my usual hydraulic heads but the particular drums they went on were really killed in tone, I usually don't experience this with hydraulics. On a whim I'm now trying the UV2s and so far they are working great! I get some of the open tone of a typical single ply but some of the controlled tone of a hydraulic and not too much on either end.

I'm a fan of the UV line. They look great, mount and tune easily, are very durable, and have a naturally deeper and darker tone then your typical amb/g1 or emp/g2.


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No one using coated Emperors over clear Ambassadors?

I used this combo on me Slingerland kit (20,12,14) and loved the sound.

I'm considering putting them on my Pearl Masters in (kind of) Bonham sizes. I'm hesitant though... I just play in a spare bedroom. I guess you don't know until you try.