Tris Imboden here!

Welcome Tris!!! Always a big fan of your drumming and contributions to the community at large. Saw you back a decade and a half or so at a Chicago concert at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. Towards the end of the set me and my lads went stage-side and I was able to shake your hand... wish I had a picture!

All the best to you!
- Dominick
Hey Dominick, I love playing PNC in NJ. I'm sorry I didn't have more time for that picture with you and your lads! Best, T


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Sir, giving 'This is It' another listen, with your words in mind, made my ears bigger and I see what you mean.
So cool, all those moments in rhythm.
My band played it, sorta, in 1980, worked out on the road and man, did I miss some stuff.
Hey Moodman, thanks for listening! The intro with the left handed hi hat and right handed bell of the ride pattern I have to admit was straight up plagiarizing Steve Gadd. I just changed the kick pattern by one note to keep it from being a direct cop!


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There's a little variation at the end of "This Is It" that I always dug. The chorus always accents the phrase as "this is IT", but at one point, it's phrased differently, more like "THIS is it" and sung a little more rushed than the other choruses. Sorry if I'm explaining it badly; I always thought that was a tasty part. Was that something planned or happened organically as you ran the song down in the studio?

Glad you caught that Dan! Yeah it actually turns around after every two bars singing "This Is It" counting on beats of (and four and). On the eighth bar it then is phrased on beats (four and one). I hope that makes sense to you and yes it was written that way and intentional. It is difficult for me to try to explain it without writing it out musically. Thanks for listening!
Hey Darth, I was a Tama endorsee at the time we recorded that record and was using my first kit from them with six concert toms and a floor tom. Soon after though I started using their double headed "Super Star" series with a similar configuration until I switched to Pearl in the mid Eighties.
On an interesting side note Darth, That album was produced by the late and very great Tom Dowd. One of the many legendary albums he had produced before this was "Layla" by Derek and the Dominoes or aka The Eric Clapton Band. If you recall on the title track it breaks down to just a beautiful piano part which then morphs into almost a completely different song. I think he had envisioned something slightly similar with the acoustic guitar breakdown in to the vamp out.