triple strokes, quad strokes


"Uncle Larry"
Anybody ever try to do these? Why stop at double strokes? I was trying to do a triple stroke roll earlier and it was hard! I cold see where it would sound cool if I ever got it fast and clean enough. A quad roll would be even cooler.


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Can't say I've really employed triples in my playing, but I practice triples and quads regularly. I also do drills where I'll play 8 strokes per hand, then seven, then six.......down to 1 and then back up again. They are more of a warm up and strengthening excercise than a dedicated practice routine (especially for my left hand). But I work on them all the same.


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I try getting my triples and quads up to speed, mainly to enhance my left hand playing ( read right had for this lefty ). Fast & clean is still a distant dream though.

Check out Keith Carlock for some awesome triples and quads


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Do practice them the same as I do triplets and quads on the bass drum as well mainly because if you can nail them (and I'm still a long way off) then doubles should become awful easy in comparison. Sit and do them for 5 mins and the try your doubles and see if they're not much cleaner.

Swiss Matthias

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Triples are harder because of the uneven hand grouping they result in, at least in binary context. Technically I agree, it helps double strokes, and generally gives you more freedom in anything you want to execute, especially i.e. on the ride with the right hand, without having to (try to) use both hands.
When I studied with Murray Spivack, it was the very last rudiment he showed me. He believed the triple stroke roll was the rudiment which sped up led to the buzz roll, so that's what he would have me do. Start a triple stroke roll very slow with all strokes on the wrists and gradually speed them up until I got a nice buzz roll out of them. It really is a tough rudiment to master.