Triggering Kicks


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Hey guys, I've been thinking about getting a couple of triggers for my kick drums. I play death/thrash metal on a Tama kit.

My kicks are nice and loud most of the time, except when I'm really flying, which for me is like 160bpm at 16ths or something like that, then my volume goes down to about half of what it is normally when I play slower, or when I do quick 32nd note blasts, etc. I am hitting as hard as I can, I just don't know how hard you can actually hit when you are flying...

I'm still hitting all the notes, it's just they aren't so loud. We have 2 PAs, so I figured triggers might be a solution.

How hard is it to sample your own kick sound, then trigger that?

What kind of gear would I need to pull this off?

Derek Roddy

The Roland SPD-S is good for re triggering your sampled kick. They're not that much money and are easy to use.

Although, you will need a way to mic the drum and get it into your computer. The SPD-S already has some good kick drum sounds and most likely you'll end up just using a stock sound.
Another really good and reliable triggering unit is the Alesis DM5. Used by almost every Death Metal drummer at one time or another. Haha.



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thanks for the info, I've heard of the DM5, I just didn't want to have a "stock" sounding kick as my one guitarist is anal about that and hates all triggered kick sounds.

BTW, Derek you are one hell of a drummer and a huge inspiration to me.....


i was having a simular sort of problem aswell.. know any good ways to make the sound louder or would you recomend a trigger?

how do they attatch to the bass drum?


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Are you micing the kick? If you are, you could think about getting a compressor or a combined compressor/gate, which would achieve the same thing, but sound more natural...