Triggering for a practice pad?


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I'm a 58 yr old beginning drummer that's currently working my way through the more basic drum rudiments (single stroke roll, double stroke roll, five stroke roll, paradiddle, flam, flam tap). My drum kit is a DW Performance Series, but I don't use very much for rudiments for obvious annoying the family reasons. For rudiments, I started with an Evans RealFeel 2 sided practice pad, but then just recently purchased a DW Practice Pad Set that has 4 round pads and a small rectangular pad for a kick pedal (which I also purchased). My degree is in Electrical and Computer Engineering, but I ended up going into software development as the jobs were more plentiful. Therefore, I have a solid understanding of both hardware and software. I mention this because I don't think the product that I'm seeking actually exists and I'd probably have to build it. I'd like to find or build a product that would work in conjunction with an iPad that would not only give me a visual of what I'm practicing, but would also trigger on my strokes and analyze my progress. If something like this already exists, please fill me in. If not, is there a way I could add triggers to a practice pad? In my case, it would be 5 pads for the DW Practice Pad Set. I'm also thinking that ideally it'd be able to trigger based on which hand I've used. Not suggesting that the drumsticks have sensors (although that's not out of the question), but maybe the pad could determine which side you hit. If it senses you hit to the left of center, it'd assume left hand, and vice versa. Thoughts?


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There are a bunch of Audrino/drum pad articles in a Google search. Should be pretty easy from there.



You could try a contact mic. I used one that was basically like a A clamp with a wire, it worked surprisingly well. They also make ones that stick on, you could try fixing that to it.