Trigger Tape Trouble!!!!


I bought a pack of the Pulse triggers.Great triggers,no problem w/ them.
Thing is I cant find the right tape to keep them attached.Ive used all types of double sided tape,from foamy to thin glue type strip.

They sound great,but dont stick long.If I get a session in the evening,next morning all of them are off from just losing sticky.Have dry's on my snares 10"/14" and clears on everything else.

I read some knucklehead super-glued his triggers,but I need to re-use them when I change heads.

Total newbie here,but have been around and played geetar for over 30yrs.So I have had to setup a drum kit or 2!lol!

Any help on the right tape for triggers is appreciated!


As said I've tried everything from thin double sided foam to just double sided tape.Stuff sticks for a few hrs,then the triggrs just fall off???
I have smooth clears on everything but my snares,those have Evens dry.