Tried a coated Remo Emperor coated on my snare...


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I had a gig last Friday, and I noticed a few days before my gig that my snare (a Pearl Masters MCX 14" x 5.5") was ringing more than usual. I'm pretty sure it was time for a new head, so I called three music stores in town, 2-3 music stores in the town where I work (I drive an hour to work every day), and both Guitar Centers an hour in each direction looking for a 14" Evans Power Center Reverse Dot snare head. None had them. As a matter of fact, one of the Guitar Centers checked to see if there were any in the region. None.

Feeling desperate, I decided to drive around my town to see what any of the stores DID have in stock. One music store had nothing but 10" and 16" heads that were actually brand name (Attack and Remo). They had some coated heads, but they weren't even in boxes; they were no-name heads wrapped in a loose, clear plastic bag. Went to another music store, and they had a couple of 10" drum heads. The last place I stopped at had ONE Remo coated 14" head. I was hoping that it was going to be an Ambassador, but all they had was an Emperor. I had no desire to put a double-ply coated head on my snare, but I thought that if it could get me through this one gig, I could put it on my floor tom eventually just buy another head of my choosing.

I put it on, cranked it down and let it sit for an hour to seat the head. Came back, tuned it via my preferred setting on the drum dial, and it sounded ok. I decided to crank it from the normal 85 setting up to 87/88 according to my DrumDial. Wow! It sounds really nice! I put my Snareweight M80 on it, and this thing just sounds deep and rich while still remaining sensitive! I don't know how it'll sound in a month, but for now, I'm glad that I went with the Emperor.

Evans Power Center reverse dot:
10 mil head
5 mil patch

Remo Emperor coated
Two 7-mil plies

Anyone else use an Emporer coated on their snares?


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I played a gig several months ago, and the drummer for one of the other bands had a Chad Smith signature snare drum with a clear Emperor batter head. It sound great, so you may be on to something.

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I've use Emperor's on snares before, but not very often. They sound great at low tension, on deep drums (6.5 - 8 inch), but they have a limited tuning range in comparison to a single-ply head like an Ambassador. There's a noticeable point at which the head chokes up and starts to sound "boxy."


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I keep a Vintage Emperor on my LM402 because it sounds exactly like John Bonham, and a coated Emperor with a black dot on my COB Supraphonic reissue and love the way both of those drums sound. I've tried regular coated Emps on various snares in the past and I never got used to the lingering top end ring that they tend to have on snares.


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I love using an Emperor for the snare. I first used it because of the extra durability, but I really liked the sound of it. The Emperor smooth whites make a great snare head too


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I put a Remo Coated Emperor on the birch snare that came with my Pacific FS Birch kit, and it really helped that snare a lot. Since then I've never used a 2-ply head that I thought I liked. I think I just prefer the action and feel of a single ply coated head.


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I am using a two-ply Evans prototype on my Mapex 14x5.5 Saturn V snare, and it sounds great. Peace and goodwill.


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Coated Emperor is my first choice on any metal snare, although I haven't tried it on a wood snare.
First tried it when I got a 402 and wanted to take a little of the ring off. PS3 was too dead, center dot wasn't to my liking on that drum either. Following the rumour that Bonham used coated Emperors on his 402 I tried it. Bingo, the Emperor sounded great.


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I use one on my 13" Yamaha Musashi Oak snare. It really bring out the power of this snare - I used to be an Evans guy.


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I used coated emps and die casts for about 12 years. I really liked them too.

Then one day I woke up and they didn't sound alive enough for me so I had to change to ambassadors and 2.3 TF hoops.

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Overtones emanate from the outside of the bearing edge in. Remo PS3 coated will do what you need it to do. You'll still get the stick articulation because it's one ply in the center and the dampening ring on the outside will settle down the ringy overtones.


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I'm using a clear Vintage Emperor on my Ludwig 402 and it sounds great. I've also used a smooth white Emperor before and I liked that one a lot too. About the only thing I haven't tried IS the coated version.


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I use a Coated Emperor with a Top Dot on most of my snares.
I use a Coated Emperor on others.
I like the sound better than an Ambassador on the snare.
BUT, on everything else I usually use a Coated Ambassador!
I initially stayed away from Emps because the internet told me that 1-ply is life.

But on some snares the ring was just intolerable, and whenever I try a Controlled Sound it just does something to the sound that bothers me.

So one day I said screw it and bought a coated Emperor and... wow. There's the sound I've always been chasing.

Don't be afraid to try new things!


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I have used coated Emps on a Rogers Dynasonic (without the rail) and I thought it sounded great.


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I am also considering the Blue Emperor heads on my snare, rack tom and floor toms. Do they reduce head because they are two ply? The two snare drums I like the sound of best are Dave Lombardo and Chad Smith.


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Only use Emp X coated on both my Premier snares (COS and COA). Love the warm tone I get.

On the other hand, I’m not as picky or good as most drummers <g>.


(update - yep, turns out I put one on the church's snare too)


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