Tricky Lick


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I came across a fill that sounds epic ,but I cant seem to get it. It seems simple enough when you hear it, but try it.Can some one explain this snare, kick combo fill. Group : Deep purple ,machine head album, 29secs in space truckin.


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sounds like KKK KK fast with a little spacing on a single pedal... And yeah Ian is very deceptive.. never thought much of it when i was younger baked and loving DP.. now when i sit down to play there are so many little things ian is just soooo good at..


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Either you guys are over complicating it or I'm listening to the wrong bit?.At 0:29 seconds of the clip posted above, all I'm hearing is the main groove with 3 extra 1/16th kick strokes. If this is the bit you're talking about, t's just a one bar phrase of

1/8 note hi-hats (1+2+3+4+)

Four snare backbeats lining up with the hi-hats on each downbeat (1, 2, 3, 4).

The kick plays four strokes. One 1/8 note followed by three 1/16th notes.
The '+' of beat 1, the 'a' of beat 2, the 'e' of beat 3, the 'a' of beat 3.